April Wrap-Up

Hi everyone! It’s my first reading wrap-up of the year!

I haven’t been able to keep a good reading pace in a while – either due to work, mental space, or a combination of the two – so I’m proud of myself for finishing as much I did last month. 

There’s still a few that I’m sad I couldn’t get to, but hopefully I can squeeze them in somewhere these next few weeks🤞🏾


Love in Color: Mythical Tales from Around the World, Retold || Bolu Babalola || 5🌟[full review]
To Astera, With Love || Amanda Ross || 3.5🌟[mini review]
Black Girl, Call Home || Jasmine Mans || 5🌟
The Freedom Race || Lucinda Roy || 3🌟[mini review]


The Freedom Race
🕰 10 hr 55 min 41 sec


Black Girl, Call Home
🕰 1 hr 25 min 29 sec


The Freedom Race
📖 416 pages


To Astera, With Love
📖 206 pages




My favorite read for this month is definitely a tie between Love in Color and Black Girl, Call Home. Both gave me everything I could possibly want in their respective genres and I couldn’t put them down. I took away some great thoughts and quotes that will continue to stick with me long after my reads were done and I can definitely see myself going back for seconds in the future.


Can you properly cherish and relish and revere something without the fear of losing it? It is the fear of losing ownership that gauges integrity; It defines whether a man is greedy or if he is generous. It defines what defines him.

from Attem, Love in Color: Mythical Tales from Around the World, Retold || Bolu Babalola

Welcome to America, the land of the (not quite) free and the home of the (occasionally) brave. The country that gave us Frederick Douglass and Robert E. Lee. Who gave us Brown vs. the Board of Education but who drained an entire swimming pool after Dorothy Dandridge dipped her toe in the water. Welcome to America, where you’re more likely to star in a reality TV show, wear a shirt that says “suns out guns out,” or be murdered by a vampire than any other country in the world.

To Astera, With Love || Amanda Ross

I will prance
in your darkness.
I will be big
and masterful
in my arrival,
swift in my exit.
I will glow, bare fangs
leave a blood trail.

For I am
the Black girl
you cannot kill,

what a thought.

from Like I Got Gold Mines, Black Girl,Call Home || Jasmine Mans

I would tell you to seek out all ways of seeing, child, and then to find your own way. Your mind should be open to new paths. A learned belief can be as stultifying as ignorance. Wisdom follows the blossoming, is it not so?

The Freedom Race || Lucinda Roy

How did your reading go last month?
Did you have any favorites?

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